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Sunningdale Tech Club

  • Learn ways to use technology to share what you have learned.
  • Explore ways to learn through technology.
  • Share knowledge and skills with others.
  • Create a personal technology project.

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Tech Club Open Journal

This is an open wikispace. Anyone can edit it. Take a few minutes to share what you are doing. Add some links to your description.
January 6, 2015: Four people came out for our first day. We had some trouble getting the word out. Two people started web pages with Yola and wikispaces. The other two played Minecraft. We were not successful at creating a network to share.
January 8, 2015: We had ten people out today. Two more wikispace sites were started. The others played Minecraft and Sploder.
January 13, 2015: Today Tech members explored Tagxedo, Sploder and Minecraft.


Tech Club Open Journal

This is an open wikispace. Anyone can edit it. Take a few minutes to share what you are doing. Add some links to your description.
November 27, 2012: I just learned about Zimmer Twins. The Zimmer Twins is a Canadian children's website and broadcast animation project. The project was created by producer Jason Krogh and artist Aaron Leighton and is produced through Lost the Plot Productions Inc. Wikipedia 2012

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Tech Club Voki Page
November 29, 2012: Today some club members worked on Zimmer Twins again. Others made PowerPoints, iMovie Trailers on the iPads, and I showed one student how to make a Voki.
December 3, 2012: This noon members worked on Zimmer Twins, Voki, PowerPoint, embedding videos into personal wikispaces, and a new one, Toondoo. Toondoo was not highly recommended by experienced club members.

School House Murders, Directed by Bryce and Produced by Ryan
December 4, 2012: After school we successfully uploaded a iMovie video to YouTube. Two teams worked on making new trailers. Sploder consumed most of the groups attention. It walks the fine line between using Tech Club to [[#|play]] games and actually design a game's rules and environment.

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Tech Club Pixton Page
December 6, 2012: At lunch members explored Xtranormal, Sploder and Marvel Comic's Create your own Super Hero, Pixton Comics is another comic creation program. I introduced it to club members. Sunningdale Tech Club has an account for Pixton Comics, ask me about it. It is a powerful cartoon making program.
December 11, 2012: After school tech club encountered platform issues. We can pull movies off of the [[#|iPad]], but they are not compatible with Microsoft MovieMaker. It is more practical to edit movies directly on the iPad at this point.
December 13, 2012: Noon hour and after school club were challenged by connection issues. Club members switched to iPads and creating scenes for trailers. There always seems to be an interest in that.
December 17, 2012: Noon hour tech club focused on Sploder
December 20, 2012: After school tech club interests were Sploder and iPad [[#|video production]]. One was a funny documentary and the other was more scenes for the School House Murders video. Moby Dick Trailer , produced earlier this month, was uploaded to the Sunningdale Tech Club YouTube Channel.
January 7, 2013: First noon hour after Christmas. The iPads are temporarily out of commission while the apps are reinstalled. Students came in to work on Sploder.
January 8, 2013: After school activities included Sploder, Pixton Comics, PowerPoint, and video production. We still don't have the iPads, but one member brought her iPod. There didn't seem to be much difference in functionality and the little device is easier to hold. We hit a wall trying to embed sounds into the transitions on PowerPoint. I'm not sure if it can be done. I was surprised that you cannot export a PowerPoint presentation to MovieMaker. It seemd an obvious fit. It is the best solution to adding sounds and narrative to a slide show.
January 10, 2013: Noon and after school tech club was attended by a small group of members today. There was a good level of cooperation and sharing today. Sploder, Pixton Comics [[#|continue]] to be the main activities until the iPads get back in service.
January 17, 2013: At noon we had a good turn out today, despite reasonable winter weather. After school the return of the iPads meant a renewed interest in video production.
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January 22, 2013: After school activities included Sploder, PowerPoint, and video production. Designing games with Sploder's engine is involved. It is impressive to see how the group members learn the abstract elements that assemble the game and its conditions. It is an aspect of literacy and not to be dismissed.
January 24, 2013: Noon and after school activities included Sploder. The group is focused on this project. We should explore some alternatives soon.
January 28, 2013: A small group at noon worked on their passion for video game design.

Directed by Ryan
January 29, 2013: The after school group divided into movie production crews using iPads. Another group worked on games and critiquing each others work. A new member was introduced to Voki and Pixton Comics,
January 31, 2013: We have new movie trailers to share made after school today, The Black Mamba , The Spooky Class, and The Death School. They are getting good.
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February 5, 2013: The sun was shining so we only had a small group in the computer lab at noon. There are new Sploder games created by our members to try: Random Boxing Ice Rescue, Save the Earth. We had a production crew working on School House Murders today after school.
February 12, 2013: People were pretty pleased today to find that there was a retro game design on Sploder to explore at noon and after school. It seemed a lot like Mario Brothers to me. When we have some finished games, we will post links to them. A production crew worked on video techniques as well.
February 14, 2013: After School activities continued with familiar choices.
February 19, 2013: After school game making and video production. Three film units out today working on projects.

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Tech Club Open Journal

February 13, 2014: Today we finally launched a new year for tech club.
February 20, 2014: Sploder is the game of choice again this winter. We are creating movie trailers as well.
February 25, 2014: